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TOHO has acclaimed an unprecidented reputation in Japan, the United States, and around the world for becoming the leader in top quality seed beads. We have been fortunate to become a large distributor of the beads are able to bring you a large variety in color and styles.

If you are looking for Czech glass (fire polish, pressed beads), please visit our factory distribution center website www.czechbeads.eu. You will be able to use the same user name and password.

TOHO Bead Matrix (bulk by Kilo)
Best Match Transparent Rounds
Best Match Silver Lined Rounds
Best Match Opaque Rounds
Best Match Rainbow Rounds
TOHO Bead Matrix (Pre-packaged items)
Best Match Transparent Rounds
Best Match Silver Lined Rounds
Best Match Opaque Rounds
Best Match Rainbow Rounds
We've put together a list of commonly used matricies above. We've received excellent feedback from bead stores regarding this new way to display the beads. Once you are familiar with the Matrix view we encourage you to create your own. All Matrix searches can be saved and will show up on the search page. Often times stores will print the Matrix page, use it to check their inventory and then go back to the Matrix to place their order.
TOHO Round Seed Beads
TOHO Round
Size 3/0 (5,5mm)
Size 6/0 (4,0mm)
Size 8/0 (3,1mm)
Size 11/0 (2,2mm)
Size 15/0 (1,5mm)
The Demi™ is more than a shape; it is a new concept in seed beading. Developed by TOHO in collaboration with Starman, the Demi Round™ is a thinner version of the traditional round seed bead with the same hole size and diameter. This exclusive innovation is made possible by the quality glass cane and precision cutting of TOHO manufacturing. The Demi™ works flawlessly with all of the popular stitches in new and exciting ways. Its versatile shape allows artists to create high definition designs with enhanced color depth and detail.
TOHO Demi Round Seed Beads
TOHO Demi Round™
Size 11/0
Size 8/0
TOHO round seed beads are manufactured under strict quality guidelines. You will find them to be superior to any other seed bead on the market, the reason why so many bead professionals use TOHO beads. You will notice that these beads have a large hole size for easier threading than other seed beads. This also means more beads per kilo.
TOHO Cube Seed Beads
TOHO Cubes
Size 1,5mm (15/0)
Size 3mm (8/0) 

Cubes along with triangles are one of the most unique beads to TOHO; the quality is unmatched. Notice how the hole is not round but rather diamond shaped to allow the beads to lay corretly in a finsihed design.
TOHO Triangle Seed Beads
TOHO Triangles
Size 11/0 (2,2mm)
Size 8/0 (3,1mm)
As with the cubes, the quality is unmatched. Notice the triangular hole on the TOHO triangles. As with the cubes this allows the beads to lay a certain direction more easily in a finished design.
TOHO Treasure (Cylinder) Seed Beads
TOHO Treasures (Cylinder Beads)
Size ˜12/0 (1,8mm)
Size ˜8/0 (3,3mm)
When you need precise cylinder beads for projects such as loom work you may consider the Treasure beads. The ends of these beads are flat as opposed rounded like the TOHO round beads. Myuki manufactures a similar bead called a Delica.
TOHO Bugle Beads
TOHO Bugle Beads
Size #1 (3mm)
Size #3 (9mm)
Size #3 Twisted (9mm)
Bugle beads are long cylindrical beads and are often times used in the clothing industry. These beads can either be smooth or have a twist. Unlike the Czech bugle beads these will not cut the thread.
TOHO Hexagon Seed Beads
Size 11/0 (2,2mm)
Size 8/0 (3,1mm)
Hex beads are shaped like a hexagon (6 sides). These are most similar to the cylinder beads but with flattened sides.
TOHO Factory Mixes of various seed beads
TOHO Mixes
See all mixes
These color coordinated mixes are assortments of beads from all of the above mentioned groups. They offer your customers a great way to start learning about beads and experimenting with various shapes without purchasing large volumes of each. The mixes have been very popular and would be a great addition to your store.
TOHO Magatamas (Drops)
TOHO Magatamas
Size 3mm
Size 4mm
Size 5mm
Magatamas are a tear drop shape with the hole on the thinner side. These are excellent for embroidery.
TOHO 1-cut beads not yet available.
TOHO 1-Cuts
(charlotte beads)
Size 15/0 (1,5mm)
These are similar to the round seed beads but have been faceted on one side to add a sparkle. This is most apparent in the metallic 1-cut beads.
TOHO Treasure (Cylinder) Seed Beads
TOHO Takumi Large Hole (LH) Beads
Size ˜9/0
Size ˜11/0
TOHO 3-cut beads not yet available.
TOHO 3-cuts
Not yet available
These are similar 1-cut beads but rather have three facets. At this time we do not carry these beads, but please contact [email protected] if you would like us to stock them.
TOHO Aiko beads not yet available.
TOHO Aiko Beads
Not yet available
These are precision cut cylinders unlike any other. Bead professionals use these beads when only the highest quality is acceptable. Like TOHO Treasure beads these are cylindrical beads but cut to the highest degree of Japanese perfection. At this time we do not carry these beads, but please contact [email protected] if you would like us to stock them.

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