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TOHO - Round 8/0
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Size 8/0 TOHO seed beads. These are seed beads of the highest quality. Compared to other seed beads on the market TOHO beads have larger holes (easier to string).
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TOHO - Round 8/0

Transparent Crystal
Dyed-Rainbow Lemon Mist
Ceylon Rice Pudding
Transparent-Frosted Crystal
Transparent-Rainbow Lt Hyacinth
Ceylon Lemon Chiffon
Transparent Lt Topaz
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Hyacinth
Ceylon Apricot
Transparent-Frosted Lt Topaz
Transparent-Rainbow Lemon
Ceylon Peach Blush
Transparent Topaz
Transparent-Rainbow Black Diamond
Ceylon Tomato Soup
Transparent-Frosted Dk Topaz
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Black Diamond
Ceylon Petunia
Transparent Aquamarine
Transparent-Rainbow Gray
Dyed Ceylon Baby Pink
Transparent Dk Aquamarine
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Gray
Ceylon Hot Pink
Transparent-Frosted Med Aquamarine
Transparent-Rainbow Smoky Topaz
Ceylon Frosted Hot Pink
Transparent-Frosted Dk Aquamarine
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Smoky Topaz
HYBRID Polychrome - Blue Aqua
Transparent Lime Green
Transparent-Rainbow Sapphire
Ceylon Impatiens Pink
Transparent-Frosted Lime Green
Transparent-Rainbow Green Emerald
HYBRID Metallic Suede - Red Copper
Transparent Lt Siam Ruby
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Green Emerald
HYBRID Polychrome - Olive Mauve
Transparent Siam Ruby
Transparent-Rainbow Olivine
HYBRID Polychrome - Orchid Aqua
Transparent-Frosted Siam Ruby
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Olivine
Transparent Ruby
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Tanzanite-Lined
Ceylon Dk Seafoam
Transparent-Frosted Ruby
Inside-Color Luster Crystal/Opaque Yellow-Lined
Transparent Lt Amethyst
Inside-Color Luster Crystal/Opaque Aqua-Lined
Ceylon Lavender
Transparent-Frosted Lt Amethyst
Inside-Color Luster Crystal/Poppy-Lined
Ceylon Denim Blue
Transparent Med Amethyst
Inside-Color Luster Crystal/Capri Blue-Lined
Ceylon Forget-Me-Not
Transparent-Frosted Med Amethyst
Inside-Color Luster Crystal/Caribbean Blue-Lined
Ceylon Seafoam
Transparent Amethyst
Gold-Lustered Amethyst
Ceylon Virginia Bluebell
Transparent-Frosted Amethyst
Gold-Lustered Lilac
Ceylon Gladiola
Transparent Peridot
Gold-Lustered Lt Amethyst
Inside-Color Lt Topaz/Opaque Lavender-Lined
Transparent Grass Green
Gold-Lustered Montana Blue
Inside-Color Lt Topaz/Opaque Purple-Lined
Transparent Capri Blue
Gold-Lustered Hydrangea
Inside-Color Rainbow Rosaline/Opaque Purple-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Teal
Inside-Color Aqua/White-Lined
Transparent Cobalt
Frosted Bronze
Inside-Color Aqua/Capri-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Dk Sapphire
Dk Bronze
Inside-Color Crystal/Wisteria-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Cobalt
Frosted Dk Bronze
Transparent Green Emerald
Transparent-Frosted Lt Gray
Antique Bronze
Transparent-Frosted Green Emerald
Transparent Gray
Frosted Antique Bronze
Transparent Olivine
Transparent-Frosted Gray
Olympic Bronze
Transparent-Frosted Olivine
Transparent Lt Hyacinth
Bronze Antique Gold
Transparent Smoky Topaz
Transparent Hyacinth
Inside-Color Rainbow Lt Topaz/Mauve-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Smoky Topaz
Transparent-Frosted Hyacinth
Inside-Color Frosted Jonquil/Emerald-Lined
Transparent Sapphire
Transparent Rosaline
Inside-Color Rainbow Lt Topaz/Jet-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Sapphire
Transparent-Frosted Rosaline
Inside-Color Rainbow Jonquil/Jet-Lined
Inside-Color Jonquil/Mint Julep-Lined
Transparent Lemon
Inside-Color Luster Black Diamond/Opaque Yellow-Lined
Inside-Color Lime Green/Opaque Green-Lined
Transparent Lt Sapphire
Inside-Color Aqua/Jet-Lined
Inside-Color Jonquil/White-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Lt Sapphire
Inside-Color Peridot/Fuchsia-Lined
Inside-Color Jonquil/Burnt Orange-Lined
Transparent - Root Beer
Inside-Color Luster Lt Amethyst/Jet-Lined
Inside-Color Jonquil/Brick Red-Lined
Transparent Citrus Spritz
Inside-Color Aqua/Purple-Lined
Inside-Color Rainbow Lt Topaz/Sea Foam-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Citrus Spritz
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Gray-Lined
Inside-Color Jonquil/Turquoise-Lined
Transparent Sugar Plum
Inside-Color Crystal/Gold-Lined
Inside-Color Aqua/Lt Jonquil-Lined
Transparent-Frosted Sugar Plum
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Lt Capri-Lined
Inside-Color Hyacinth/White-Lined
Silver-Lined Crystal
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Teal-Lined
Inside-Color Lt Amethyst/Pink-Lined
Silver-Lined Frosted Crystal
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Metallic Purple-Lined
Inside-Color Frosted Lt Amethyst/Pink-Lined
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Frosted Crystal
Inside-Color Crystal/Rose Gold-Lined
Inside-Color Lt Topaz/Pink-Lined
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Crystal
Inside-Color Frosted Crystal/Metallic Teal-Lined
Inside-Color Crystal/Butter-Lined
Silver-Lined Lt Topaz
Gold-Lined Topaz
Inside-Color Crystal/Apricot-Lined
Silver-Lined Frosted Lt Topaz
Inside-Color Aqua/Gold-Lined
Inside-Color Matte Crystal/Neon Pink-Lined
Silver-Lined Med Topaz
Inside-Color Aqua/Tin-Lined
Inside-Color Crystal/Neon Sea Foam-Lined
Silver-Lined Frosted Topaz
Inside-Color Crystal/Metallic Blue-Lined
Inside-Color Crystal/Neon Ice Blue-Lined
Silver-Lined Topaz
Inside-Color Blue Raspberry
Luminous Neon Pink
Silver-Lined Frosted Dk Topaz
HYBRID Natural - Picasso
Luminous Lt Sapphire/Neon Pink-Lined
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Lt Topaz
HYBRID Frosted Natural - Picasso
Inside-Color Crystal/Ballerina Pink-Lined
Silver-Lined Aquamarine
Inside-Color Jonquil/Apricot-Lined
Gold-Lined Crystal
Silver-Lined Frosted Aquamarine
HYBRID Jet - Picasso
Gold-Lined Frosted Crystal
Silver-Lined Dk Aqua
HYBRID Frosted Jet - Picasso
Gold-Lined Aqua
Silver-Lined Frosted Dk Aquamarine
Inside-Color Jonquil/Hyacinth-Lined
Gold-Lined Peridot
Silver-Lined Lime Green
Inside-Color Lt Sapphire/Hyacinth-Lined
Gold-Lined Lt Montana Blue
Silver-Lined Frosted Lime Green
HYBRID Pepper Red - Picasso
Gold-Lined Black Diamond
Silver-Lined Frosted Dk Peridot
HYBRID Frosted Pepper Red - Picasso
Gold-Lined Rainbow Crystal
Silver-Lined Lt Siam Ruby
Inside-Color Aqua/Opaque Yellow-Lined
Gold-Lined Rainbow Aqua
Silver-Lined Siam Ruby
HYBRID Turquoise - Picasso
Gold-Lined Rainbow Peridot
Silver-Lined Frosted Siam Ruby
HYBRID Frosted Turquoise - Picasso
Gold-Lined Rainbow Lt Sapphire
Silver-Lined Ruby
HYBRID Opal - Picasso
Gold-Lined Rainbow Lt Jonquil
Silver-Lined Frosted Ruby
Inside-Color Lt Sapphire/Opaque Blue-Lined
Gold-Lined Rainbow Black Diamond
Silver-Lined Lt Amethyst
HYBRID Opaque Cornflower - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Airy Blue
Silver-Lined Frosted Lt Amethyst
HYBRID Opaque-Frosted Cornflower - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Aurora Red
Silver-Lined Med Amethyst
HYBRID Sour Apple - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Bodacious
Silver-Lined Amethyst
HYBRID Frosted Sour Apple - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Dusty Cedar
Silver-Lined Frosted Amethyst
HYBRID Opaque Lavender - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Riverside
Silver-Lined Peridot
HYBRID Opaque-Frosted Lavender - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Lush Meadow
Silver-Lined Frosted Peridot
HYBRID Transparent Lt Topaz - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Spicy Mustard
Silver-Lined Grass Green
HYBRID Transparent Frosted Lt Topaz - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Sharkskin
Silver-Lined Teal
HYBRID Transparent Aquamarine - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Potter's Clay
Silver-Lined Frosted Teal
HYBRID Transparent Frosted Aquamarine - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Warm Taupe
Silver-Lined Cobalt
HYBRID Transparent Lime Green - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Bodacious
Silver-Lined Frosted Dk Sapphire
HYBRID Transparent Frosted Lime Green - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Aurora Red
Silver-Lined Frosted Cobalt
HYBRID Transparent Siam Ruby - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Dusty Cedar
Silver-Lined Black Diamond
HYBRID Transparent Frosted Siam Ruby - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Airy Blue
Silver-Lined Frosted Black Diamond
HYBRID Transparent Lt Amethyst - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Hazelnut
Silver-Lined Gray
HYBRID Transparent Frosted Lt Amethyst - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Pale Dogwood
Silver-Lined Frosted Gray
HYBRID Transparent Peridot - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Primrose Yellow
Silver-Lined Hyacinth
HYBRID Transparent Frosted Peridot - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Kale
Silver-Lined Frosted Hyacinth
HYBRID Opaque Dandelion - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Island Paradise
Silver-Lined Rosaline
HYBRID Opaque-Frosted Dandelion - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Niagara
Silver-Lined Frosted Rosaline
Gold-Lustered Lt Tanzanite
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Pink Yarrow
Silver-Lined Lt Sapphire
HYBRID Opaque Mint Green - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Flame
Silver-Lined Frosted Lt Sapphire
HYBRID Opaque-Frosted Mint Green - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Greenery
Silver-Lined Smoky Topaz
Gold-Lustered Emerald
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Lapis Blue
Silver-Lined Frosted Smoky Topaz
HYBRID Transparent Capri Blue - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Riverside
Silver-Lined Sapphire
HYBRID Transparent Frosted Teal - Picasso
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Lush Meadow
Silver-Lined Green Emerald
Gold-Lustered Orion
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Spicy Mustard
Silver-Lined Olivine
Gold-Lustered Moon Shadow
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Shark Skin
Silver-Lined Frosted Olive
Gold-Lustered African Sunset
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Potters Clay
Silver-Lined Lt Olivine
Gold-Lustered Wild Berry
HYBRID ColorTrends: Milky - Warm Taupe
Silver-Lined Pink
Gold-Lustered Raspberry
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Hazelnut
Silver-Lined Tanzanite
Gold-Lustered Fern
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Pale Dogwood
Silver-Lined Frosted Lt Tanzanite
Inside-Color Crystal/Tomato-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Primrose Yellow
Opaque White
Inside-Color Crystal/Dk Opaque Purple-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Kale
Opaque-Frosted White
Inside-Color Crystal/Fuchsia-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Island Paradise
Opaque-Frosted Dandelion
Inside-Color Crystal/Lt Jonquil-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Niagara
Opaque Sunshine
Inside-Color Crystal/Lavender-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Pink Yarrow
Opaque-Frosted Sunshine
Inside-Color Lustered Black Diamond/Pink-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Flame
Opaque Orange
Inside-Color Black Diamond/Orange Creme-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Greenery
Opaque-Frosted Cantelope
Inside-Color Topaz/Mint Julep-Lined
HYBRID ColorTrends: Metallic - Lapis Blue
Opaque Blue Turquoise
Inside-Color Aqua/Oxblood-Lined
Silver-Lined Aqua
Opaque-Frosted Blue Turquoise
Opaque-Rainbow White
Inside-Color Crystal/Mint-Lined
Opaque Cornflower
Opaque-Rainbow-Frosted Dandelion
Inside-Color Crystal/Mauve-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Cornflower
Opaque-Rainbow Blue Turquoise
Lt Topaz/Dk Topaz
Opaque Sour Apple
Opaque-Rainbow Sour Apple
Inside-Color Crystal/Emerald-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Sour Apple
Opaque-Rainbow-Frosted Pumpkin
Inside-Color Crystal/Antique Plum-Lined
Opaque Pepper Red
Gold-Lustered Transparent Pink
Inside-Color Crystal Blue/Coffee-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Pepper Red
Gold-Lustered Dk Antique Bronze
Inside-Color Crystal/Deep Blue-Lined
Opaque Cherry
Gold-Lustered Pale Wisteria
Inside-Color Gray/Magenta-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Cherry
Gold-Lustered Green Tea
Milky Kiwi
Opaque Oxblood
Gold-Lustered Dk Topaz
Marbled Opaque White/Pink
Opaque-Frosted Oxblood
Higher-Metallic Grape
Marbled Opaque Beige/Pink
Opaque Terra Cotta
Dyed-Rainbow Lavender Mist
Marbled Opaque Pink/Amethyst
Opaque-Frosted Terra Cotta
Transparent-Rainbow Foxglove
Marbled Opaque Lt Blue/Amethyst
Opaque Mint Green
Higher-Metallic Amethyst
Marbled Opaque White/Blue
Opaque-Frosted Mint Green
Higher-Metallic Iris - Violet
Marbled Opaque Turquoise/Blue
Opaque Shamrock
Higher-Metallic Dragonfly
Marbled Opaque Avacado/Pink
Opaque-Frosted Shamrock
Higher-Metallic June Bug
Transparent Alexandrite
Opaque-Frosted Pine Green
Higher-Metallic Iris - Green
Opaque-Lustered Lagoon
Opaque Navy Blue
Higher-Metallic Iris - Olivine
Gilded Marble Blue
Opaque-Frosted Navy Blue
Higher-Metallic Iris - Purple/Green
Gilded Marble Turquoise
Opaque Periwinkle
Higher-Metallic Frosted Mediteranian Blue
Gilded Marble Red
Opaque-Frosted Periwinkle
Higher-Metallic Frosted Blue Haze
Transparent-Rainbow Peach
Opaque Jet
Higher-Metallic Frosted Carnival
Transparent-Rainbow Topaz
Opaque-Frosted Jet
Higher-Metallic Frosted Mardi Gras
Transparent-Rainbow Lt Topaz
Opaque Sunset Orange
Galvanized Rose Gold
Inside-Color Rainbow Lt Sapphire/Opaque Teal-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Sunset Orange
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Rose Gold
Transparent-Rainbow Pink
Opaque-Frosted Pumpkin
PermaFinish - Galvanized Rose Gold
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Rose-Lined
Opaque Lt Beige
Galvanized Fairy Wings
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Lt Mauve-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Lt Beige
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Peach Coral
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Blue Mint-Lined
Opaque Lavender
PermaFinish - Galvanized Sweet Blush
Inside-Color Rainbow Topaz/Lavender-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Lavender
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Pink Lilac
Inside-Color Rainbow Topaz/Mauve-Lined
Opaque Gray
PermaFinish - Galvanized Pink Lilac
Inside-Color Rainbow Aqua/Brick-Lined
Opaque-Frosted Gray
Galvanized Lavender
Inside-Color Rainbow Capri/Aqua-Lined
Opaque Turquoise
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Lilac
Transparent Rainbow Honey Comb
Opaque-Frosted Turquoise
PermaFinish - Galvanized Lilac
Silver-Lined Rainbow Lime Green
Transparent Beach Glass Green
Galvanized Starlight
Silver-Lined Rainbow Frosted Teal
Transparent-Frosted Dk Peridot
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Starlight
Silver-Lined Rainbow Frosted Rosaline
Metallic Hematite
PermaFinish - Galvanized Starlight
Silver-Lined Rainbow Topaz
Metallic Nebula
Galvanized Aluminum
Silver-Lined Milky White
Frosted Metallic Nebula
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Aluminum
Silver-Lined Milky Montana Blue
Metallic Iris - Brown
PermaFinish - Galvanized Aluminum
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Montana Blue
Frosted Metallic Iris - Brown
PermaFinish - Frosted Galvanized Yellow Gold
Silver-Lined Milky Peridot
Metallic Iris - Green/Brown
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Green Teal
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Peridot
Frosted Metallic Iris - Green/Brown
PermaFinish - Galvanized Green Tea
Silver-Lined Milky Teal
Metallic Iris - Purple
Galvanized Saffron
Silver-Lined Milky Rosaline
Frosted Metallic Iris - Purple
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Saffron
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Baby Pink
Metallic Rainbow Iris
PermaFinish - Galvanized Saffron
Silver-Lined Milky Mauve
Opaque-Frosted-Rainbow Iris
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Orchid
Silver-Lined Milky Hot Pink
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Dk Sapphire
Galvanized Brick Red
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Electric Pink
Metallic Cosmos
PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Brick Red
Silver-Lined Milky Amethyst
Metallic Amethyst Gun Metal
PermaFinish - Galvanized Brick Red
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Amethyst
Transparent-Lustered Crystal
Galvanized Blue Slate
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Jonquil
Wild Yellow Rose
PermaFinish - Frosted Galvanized Blue Slate
Silver-Lined Milky Lt Topaz
Transparent-Lustered Lt Topaz
Metallic Frosted Antique Silver
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Lt Topaz
Transparent-Luster Aquamarine
Frosted Metallic Polaris
Silver-Lined Milky Peach
Transparent-Lustered Lime Green
PermaFinish - Frosted Metallic Polaris
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Peach
Transparent-Lustered Rosaline
PermaFinish - Metallic Polaris
Silver-Lined Milky Grapefruit
Transparent-Lustered Teal
PermaFinish - Frosted Galvanized Mint Green
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Grapefruit
Transparent-Lustered Lt Amethyst
PermaFinish - Galvanized Mint Green
Silver-Lined Milky Pomegranate
Transparent-Lustered Lt Hyacinth
Matte-Color Opaque Gray
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Pomegranate
Transparent-Lustered Black Diamond
Matte-Color Gun Metal
Silver-Lined Milky Nutmeg
Lustered Black Diamond
HYBRID Metallic Suede - Purple
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Nutmeg
Transparent-Lustered Smoky Topaz
Matte-Color Iris - Gray
Silver-Lined Milky Gray
HYBRID Metallic Suede - Blue
Silver-Lined Milky Lt Aqua
Transparent-Lustered Smoke
Matte-Color Iris - Brown
Silver-Lined Milky Aqua
Opaque-Lustered White
HYBRID Metallic Suede - Lt Green
Silver-Lined Milky Lt Peridot
Opaque-Lustered Navajo White
Matte-Color Iris - Purple
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Lt Peridot
Opaque-Lustered Lt Beige
HYBRID Metallic Suede - Gold
Silver-Lined Milky Dk Peridot
Opaque-Lustered Dk Beige
Matte-Color Dk Olive
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Soft Pink
Opaque-Lustered Pale Blue
HYBRID Metallic Suede - Pink
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Sapphire
Opaque-Lustered Cherry
Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Mudbrick
Silver-Lined Milky Lavender
Opaque-Lustered Dandelion
HYBRID Sueded Gold Topaz
Silver-Lined Milky Lt Jonquil
Opaque-Lustered Pumpkin
HYBRID Sueded Gold Transparent Aquamarine
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Lt Jonquil
Opaque-Lustered Turquoise
HYBRID Sueded Gold Transparent Lime Green
Silver-Lined Milky Peachy Pink
Opaque-Lustered Lavender
HYBRID Sueded Gold Opaque Dandelion
PermaFinish - Silver-Lined Milky Peachy Pink
Ceylon Snowflake
Lt Topaz
Transparent Champagne
Ceylon Frosted Snowflake
HYBRID Sueded Gold Sour Apple
Silver-Lined Sasparilla
Ceylon Banana Cream
HYBRID Sueded Gold Opaque Pepper Red
Inside-Color Transparent Ruby Red
Ceylon Frosted Banana Cream
HYBRID Sueded Gold Opaque Mint Green
Transparent Chamomile
Ceylon Aqua
HYBRID Sueded Gold Siam Ruby
Silver-Lined Transparent Honey
Ceylon Frosted Aqua
HYBRID Sueded Gold Opaque Lavender
Silver-Lined Almond Blossom
Ceylon Celery
HYBRID Sueded Gold Opaque Turquoise
Silver-Lined Prairie Green
Ceylon Frosted Celery
Gold Luster Pink Rose
Silver-Lined Navy
Ceylon Innocent Pink
HYBRID Sueded Gold Transparent Amethyst
Dyed Silver-Lined Pink Frosted Olivine
Ceylon Frosted Innocent Pink
Gold Luster Peach
Silver-Lined Root Beer
Ceylon Glacier
HYBRID Sueded Gold Transparent Peridot
Silver-Lined Burnt Orange
Ceylon Frosted Glacier
Transparent Lt Rosaline
Silver-Lined Mauve
Ceylon Lt Ivory
HYBRID Sueded Crystal
Silver-Lined Lt Grape
Ceylon Frosted Lt Ivory
HYBRID Lt Sueded Gold Lame'
Silver-Lined Purple
Ceylon Peach Cobler
Transparent Gold Luster Lt Lavender
Reflection - White
Ceylon Frosted Peach Cobbler
HYBRID Sueded Gold Transparent Capri Blue
Reflection - Gray
Ceylon Smoke
HYBRID Metallic Suede - Dk Green
Reflection - Honeydew
Ceylon Frosted Smoke
Gold Luster Cream
Reflection - Neon Green
Ceylon Grape Mist
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Shamrock-Lined
Reflection - Cantaloupe
Ceylon Frosted Grape Mist
24K Gold-Lined Crystal
Reflection - Coral
Transparent-Rainbow Crystal
Matte-Color Dk Copper
Reflection - Pink
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Crystal
Matte-Color Mauve Mocha
Semi Glazed - Lemongrass
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Lt Topaz
Matte-Color Andromeda
Semi Glazed - Olive
Transparent-Rainbow Med Topaz
Matte-Color Iris - Blue
Semi Glazed - Honeydew
Transparent-Rainbow Topaz
Matte-Color Iris - Teal
Semi Glazed - Clover
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Dk Topaz
Matte-Color Iris - Peridot
Semi Glazed - Turquoise
Transparent-Rainbow Aquamarine
Matte-Color Cassiopeia
Semi Glazed - Blue Turquoise
Transparent-Rainbow Dk Aqua
Matte-Color Iris - Violet
Semi Glazed - Soft Blue
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Dk Aquamarine
Semi Glazed - Navy Blue
Transparent-Rainbow Lime Green
Metallic 24K Gold Plated
Semi Glazed - Lavender
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Lime Green
Metallic 24K Frosted Gold Plated
Semi Glazed - Dk Red
Transparent-Rainbow Dk Peridot
Galvanized Blue Gold
Semi Glazed - Burnt Orange
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Dk Peridot
Copper-Lined Crystal
Semi Glazed - Orange
Transparent-Rainbow Lt Siam Ruby
Copper-Lined Alabaster
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Lemongrass
Transparent-Rainbow Siam Ruby
Copper-Lined Lt Topaz
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Olive
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Siam Ruby
Copper-Lined Lt Amethyst
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Honeydew
Transparent-Rainbow Ruby
Gold-Lined Aquamarine
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Clover
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Ruby
Matte-Color Opaque-Rainbow White
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Turquoise
Transparent-Rainbow Lt Amethyst
Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Egg Shell
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Blue Turquoise
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Lt Amethyst
Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Apricot
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Soft Blue
Transparent-Rainbow Med Amethyst
Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Shrimp
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Navy Blue
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Med Amethyst
Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Plumeria
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Lavender
Transparent-Rainbow Amethyst
Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Lt Lilac
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Dk Red
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Amethyst
Opaque-Rainbow-Frosted Red
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Burnt Orange
Transparent-Rainbow Sugar Plum
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Strawberry-Lined
Semi Glazed Rainbow - Orange
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Lt Tanzanite
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Montana Blue-Lined
Glow In The Dark - Crystal/Glow Green
Transparent-Rainbow Peridot
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Creme-Lined
Glow In The Dark - Silver-Lined Crystal/Glow Green
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Peridot
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Capri-Lined
Glow In The Dark - Crystal/Glow Blue
Transparent-Rainbow Grass Green
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Sandstone-Lined
Glow In The Dark - Silver-Lined Crystal/Glow Blue
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Grass Green
Luminous Neon Tangerine
Glow In The Dark - Yellow Crystal/Bright Green
Transparent-Rainbow Teal
Luminous Neon Orange
Glow In The Dark - Crystal/Bright Blue
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Teal
Luminous Neon Salmon
Glow In The Dark - Pink/Yellow Green
Transparent-Rainbow Lt Sapphire
Luminous Neon Green
Glow In The Dark - Yellow/Bright Green
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Lt Sapphire
Inside-Color Opaque Gray/Black-Lined
Glow In The Dark - Mint Green/Bright Green
Transparent-Rainbow Rosaline
Ceylon Neon Yellow
Glow In The Dark - Baby Blue/Bright Green
Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Rosaline
HYBRID Apollo - Frosted Terra Cotta
Glow In The Dark - Dark Pink/Green Pink
Dyed-Rainbow Ballerina Pink
HYBRID Oxidized Bronze Blueberry
Glow In The Dark - Gray Crystal/Bright Green
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