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TOHO - Magatama 3mm
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TOHO - Magatama 3mm

Transparent Crystal
HYBRID Ultra Luster - Opaque Green
Matte-Color Dk Copper
Transparent-Frosted Crystal
HYBRID Luster - Opaque Rose/Gold Topaz
Matte-Color Mauve Mocha
Transparent Capri Blue
HYBRID Luster - Opaque Gold/Smoky Topaz
Galvanized Blue Gold
Transparent-Frosted Sugar Plum
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Strawberry-Lined
Silver-Lined Crystal
Frosted Bronze
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Sandstone-Lined
Silver-Lined Frosted Crystal
Dk Bronze
Opaque-Pastel Peach Blossom
Silver-Lined Lt Topaz
Olympic Bronze
Silver-Lined Teal
Bronze Antique Gold
HYBRID Apollo - Frosted Jet
Silver-Lined Tanzanite
Inside-Color Crystal/Gold-Lined
HYBRID Apollo - Frosted Lt Beige
Opaque White
HYBRID Natural - Picasso
HYBRID Apollo - Frosted Turquoise
Opaque Terra Cotta
HYBRID Frosted Natural - Picasso
HYBRID Apollo - Frosted Opal
Opaque Jet
HYBRID Jet - Picasso
HYBRID Twilight - Crystal
Opaque-Frosted Jet
Inside-Color Aqua/Opaque Yellow-Lined
Ceylon Impatiens Pink
Opaque Lt Beige
HYBRID Turquoise - Picasso
Ceylon Gladiola
Opaque Turquoise
HYBRID Opal - Picasso
Inside-Color Rainbow Rosaline/Opaque Purple-Lined
Color Lined Mix
Gold-Lustered Lt Tanzanite
Inside-Color Rainbow Lt Topaz/Sea Foam-Lined
Metallic Hematite
Gold-Lustered African Sunset
Gold-Lined Frosted Crystal
Metallic Iris - Brown
Gold-Lustered Raspberry
Gold-Lined Rainbow Crystal
Metallic Iris - Purple
Gold-Lustered Dk Antique Bronze
Gold-Lined Rainbow Aqua
Metallic Rainbow Iris
Gold-Lustered Pale Wisteria
Gold-Lined Rainbow Peridot
Opaque-Lustered Navajo White
Gold-Lustered Green Tea
Gold-Lined Rainbow Lt Sapphire
Ceylon Snowflake
Gold-Lustered Dk Topaz
Gold-Lined Rainbow Lt Jonquil
Transparent-Rainbow Crystal
Higher-Metallic Grape
Gold-Lined Rainbow Black Diamond
Transparent-Rainbow Topaz
Higher-Metallic Dragonfly
Opaque-Rainbow Khaki
Transparent-Rainbow Rosaline
Higher-Metallic Teal Hematite
Opaque-Rainbow-Frosted Khaki
Transparent-Rainbow Ballerina Pink
Matte-Color Iris - Brown
Opaque-Rainbow-Frosted Blackberry
HYBRID Opaque Luster - Picasso
Matte-Color Dk Olive
Silver-Lined Burnt Orange
HYBRID Opaque Luster - Transparent Green
Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Mudbrick
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