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TOHO - Hexagon 8/0
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TOHO - Hexagon 8/0

Transparent Lt Topaz
Transparent-Rainbow Cobalt
Inside-Color Aqua/Gold-Lined
Transparent Ruby
Metallic Cosmos
Inside-Color Crystal/Metallic Blue-Lined
Transparent Lt Amethyst
Metallic Moss
Gold-Lustered African Sunset
Transparent Peridot
Transparent-Lustered Rosaline
Gold-Lustered Raspberry
Transparent-Frosted Teal
Transparent-Lustered Peridot
Inside-Color Crystal/Lavender-Lined
Transparent Black Diamond
Luster Crystal/Tropical Sunset-Lined
Inside-Color Lt Amethyst/Fuchsia-Lined
Silver-Lined Crystal
Transparent-Lustered Black Diamond
Inside-Color Dk Aqua/Violet-Lined
Silver-Lined Lt Topaz
Transparent-Lustered Olivine
Inside-Color Montana Blue/Oxblood-Lined
Silver-Lined Med Topaz
Opaque-Lustered White
Inside-Color Lt Topaz/Pomegranate-Lined
Silver-Lined Topaz
Opaque-Lustered Navajo White
Inside-Color Rainbow Green/Purple-Lined
Silver-Lined Siam Ruby
Opaque-Lustered Lt Beige
Opaque-Rainbow Oxblood
Silver-Lined Ruby
Ceylon Celery
Higher-Metallic Grape
Silver-Lined Grass Green
Ceylon Lt Ivory
Higher-Metallic Amethyst
Silver-Lined Frosted Black Diamond
Transparent-Rainbow Crystal
Higher-Metallic Dragonfly
Silver-Lined Rosaline
Transparent-Rainbow Topaz
Galvanized Starlight
Silver-Lined Green Emerald
Transparent-Rainbow Dk Aqua
Matte-Color Opaque Gray
Opaque Oxblood
Transparent-Rainbow Ruby
Matte-Color Iris - Gray
Opaque Navy Blue
Transparent-Rainbow Amethyst
Matte-Color Iris - Brown
Opaque Jet
Transparent-Rainbow Peridot
Matte-Color Iris - Purple
Opaque-Frosted Jet
Transparent-Rainbow Rosaline
Matte-Color Dk Olive
Metallic Hematite
Transparent-Rainbow Olivine
Matte-Color Dk Copper
Metallic Nebula
Matte-Color Mauve Mocha
Frosted Metallic Nebula
Dk Bronze
Matte-Color Iris - Blue
Metallic Iris - Brown
Olympic Bronze
Matte-Color Iris - Teal
Frosted Metallic Iris - Brown
Inside-Color Aqua/Purple-Lined
Metallic Iris - Green/Brown
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Gold-Lined
Inside-Color Crystal/Wisteria-Lined
Frosted Metallic Iris - Green/Brown
Inside-Color Crystal/Metallic Teal-Lined
Transparent Sapphire
Metallic Iris - Purple
Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Green Teal-Lined
Inside-Color Aqua/Lt Jonquil-Lined
Frosted Metallic Iris - Purple
Inside-Color Rainbow Topaz/Olivine-Lined
Inside-Color Lt Topaz/Pink-Lined
Metallic Rainbow Iris
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